A large green access platform

Powered access equipment hire in South Wales

Cherry picker hire

A cherry picker being used to carry out chimney repairs
Use our cherry pickers for tasks requiring greater reach from your powered access equipment. South Wales Access Hire has a large range of cherry pickers. We will assist you when choosing one that suits your requirements.
Mail: accesshire@live.co.uk
Phone: 07824 643 710

Scissor lift hire

Two men working on a scissor lift
For tasks that require lower working heights and greater manoeuvrability, you can use a scissor lift. We have a wide range of scissor lifts for hire that will suit your requirements. Narrow access equipment that will fit through a single door which are ideal for use in supermarkets and retail shops where space is restricted.

Boom lift hire

A small scissor lift
Our boom lifts are ideal for building maintenance work and construction and the scissor lifts come in a variety of heights and platform sizes with easy to use joystick controls a must for working safely at height.

Safety first

A cherry picker in a shopping centre
At South Wales Access Hire safety is a priority and all machines are maintained and serviced regularly.

We also sell safety harnesses and lanyard kits to protect yourself when working at height, please ask us for details.

For all kinds of powered access equipment hire in South Wales,
give us a call on 07824 643 710.
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